Pricing & Discounts

Group Booking Rates - Financial Institutions Only

30% off for a booking of 3 or more

40% off for a booking of 5 or more

50% off for a booking of 8 or more

Financial Institutions: Banks, Asset Managers, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds

Solution Providers: Data Vendors, IT Data Management, Outsourcing, Data Quality and Cleansing, Consultants, Exchanges

All prices subject to 20% UK VAT

*If payment of a booking is not received at the point of registration the booking will be subject to a processing fee of £49 plus VAT

Financial Institutions: Examples of these include Banks, Asset Managers, Investment Managers & Hedge Funds. WBR reserves the right to determine who qualifies for the rate of Financial Institutions.

Cheques are not an acceptable payment method within 10 weeks prior to the event

You can review our full cancellation and substitution policy, as well as data protection guidelines here